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79 Letras En Total De A-ha:
1.- you wanted more
2.- youll never get over me
3.- youll end up crying
4.- you are the one
5.- x-mas time (blows my mind)
6.- white canvas
7.- were looking for the whales
8.- waiting for her
9.- velvet
10.- train of thought
11.- touchy!
12.- to let you win
13.- time and again
14.- thought that it was you
15.- this alone is love
16.- the weight of the wind
17.- the way we talk
18.- the swing of things
19.- the sun never shine that day
20.- the sun always shines on t.v.
21.- theres never a forever thing
22.- theres a reason for it
23.- the living daylights
24.- the company man
25.- the blue sky
26.- the blood that moves the body
27.- sycamore leaves
28.- summer moved on
29.- stay on these roads
30.- solace
31.- soft rains of april
32.- slender frame
33.- shapes that go together
34.- (seemingly) nonstop july
35.- scoundrel days
36.- rolling thunder
37.- out of blue comes green
38.- oranges on apple trees
39.- october
40.- move to memphis
41.- minor earth major sky
42.- memorial beach
43.- maybe maybe
44.- mary ellen makes the moment count
45.- manhattan skyline
46.- love is reason
47.- locust
48.- living a boys adventure tale
49.- little black heart
50.- lifelines
51.- lie down in darkness
52.- less than pure
53.- lamb to the slaughter
54.- i wont forget her
55.- i wish i cared
56.- ive been losing you
57.- i dream myself alive
58.- i call your name
59.- hurry home
60.- hunting high and low
61.- how sweet it was
62.- here i stand and face the rain
63.- heavens not for saints
64.- forever not yours
65.- eeast of the sun
66.- early morning
67.- dragonfly
68.- did anyone approach you
69.- dark is the night for all
70.- crying in the rain
71.- cold river
72.- cold as stone
73.- cannot hide
74.- between your mama and yourself
75.- barely hanging on
76.- angel in the snow
77.- and you tell me
78.- a little bit
79.- afternoon high