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95 Letras En Total De Abba:
1.- aguila
2.- you owe me one
3.- why did it have to be me
4.- when i kissed the teacher
5.- what about livingstone
6.- waterloo
7.- voulez-vous
8.- under attack
9.- tropical loveland
10.- the winner takes it all
11.- the visitors
12.- the name of the game
13.- thank you for the music
14.- take a chance on me
15.- suzy hang-a-round
16.- super trouper
17.- summer night city
18.- s. o. s.
19.- sitting in the palmtree
20.- should i laugh or cry
21.- shes my kind of girl
22.- santa rosa
23.- rock n roll band
24.- rock me
25.- ring ring
26.- reina danzante (dancing queen - in spanish)
27.- put on your white sombrero
28.- people need love
29.- our last summer
30.- one of us
31.- one man one woman
32.- on and on and on
33.- nina pretty ballerina
34.- my mama said
35.- my love my life
36.- move on
37.- money money money
38.- merry-go-round
39.- me and i
40.- me and bobby and bobbys brother
41.- man in the middle
42.- mamma mia (in spanish)
43.- mamma mia
44.- lovers (live a little longer)
45.- lovelight
46.- love isnt easy (but it sure is hard enough)
47.- like an angel passing through my room
48.- lay all your love on me
49.- knowing me knowing you
50.- kisses of fire
51.- king kong song
52.- just like that
53.- i wonder (departure)
54.- ive been waiting for you
55.- i saw it in the mirror
56.- im a marionette
57.- i let the music speak
58.- i have a dream
59.- if it wasnt for the nights
60.- i do i do i do i do i do
61.- i am the city
62.- i am just a girl
63.- honey honey
64.- hole in your soul
65.- hey hey helen
66.- he is your brother
67.- head over heels
68.- hasta manana (in spanish)
69.- hasta manana
70.- happy new year
71.- happy hawaii
72.- gracias por la musica (thank you for the music - in spanish)
73.- gonna sing you my lovesong
74.- gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight)
75.- fernando (in spanish)
76.- fernando
77.- estoy sonando (i have a dream - in spanish)
78.- elaine
79.- eagle
80.- dum dum diddle
81.- does your mother know
82.- disillusion
83.- dancing queen
84.- dance (while the music still goes on)
85.- dame! dame! dame! (gimme gimme gimme - in spanish)
86.- crazy world
87.- conociendome conociendote (knowing me knowing you - in spanish)
88.- chiquitita (in spanish)
89.- bang-a-boomerang
90.- baby
91.- as good as new
92.- another town another train
93.- angeleyes
94.- andante andante
95.- al andar (move on - in spanish)