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64 Letras En Total De Foreigner:
1.- youre all i am
2.- women
3.- woman oh woman
4.- woman in black
5.- white lie
6.- when the night comes down
7.- unusual heat
8.- under the gun
9.- two different worlds
10.- tooth and nail
11.- the modern day
12.- the damage is done
13.- the beat of my heart
14.- stranger in my own house
15.- starrider
16.- spellbinder
17.- shes too tough
18.- seventeen
19.- safe in my heart
20.- running the risk
21.- rev on the red line
22.- real world
23.- ready for the rain
24.- reaction to action
25.- rain
26.- out of the blue
27.- only heaven knows
28.- no hiding place
29.- mountain of love
30.- moment of truth
31.- luanne
32.- lowdown and dirty
33.- love on the telephone
34.- love has taken its toll
35.- lonely children
36.- inside information
37.- i need you
38.- im gonna win
39.- ill get even with you
40.- ill fight for you
41.- i keep hoping
42.- i have waited so long
43.- hole in my soul
44.- heart turns to stone
45.- headknocker
46.- hand on my heart
47.- growing up the hard way
48.- girl on the moon
49.- fool for you anyway
50.- flesh wound
51.- face to face
52.- down on love
53.- do what you like
54.- dont let go
55.- crash and burn
56.- counting every minute
57.- cant wait
58.- break it up
59.- blinded by science
60.- back where you belong
61.- at war with the world
62.- a night to remember
63.- a love in vain
64.- all i need to know