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64 Letras En Total De Phil Collins:
1.- easy lover
2.- youve been in love (that little bit too long)
3.- you touch my heart
4.- youll be in my heart
5.- you know what i mean
6.- why cant it wait till morning
7.- were sons of our fathers
8.- we fly so close
9.- wear my hat
10.- wake up call
11.- two worlds
12.- tomorrow never knows
13.- thunder and lightening
14.- thru these walls
15.- thru my eyes
16.- this must be love
17.- this love this heart
18.- the times they are a-changin
19.- the same moon
20.- theres a place for us
21.- the man with the horn
22.- the least you can do
23.- thats what you said
24.- thats just the way it is
25.- thats how i feel
26.- testify
27.- take me with you
28.- take me down
29.- swing low
30.- survivors
31.- strangers like me
32.- son of man
33.- river so wide
34.- please come out tonight
35.- oughta know by now
36.- no matter who
37.- love police
38.- lorenzo
39.- like china
40.- just another story
41.- ive forgotten everything
42.- its over (home demo)
43.- its not too late
44.- its in your eyes
45.- it dont matter to me
46.- im not moving
47.- i like the way
48.- if leaving me is easy
49.- i dont want to go
50.- heat on the street
51.- for a friend
52.- find a way to my heart
53.- father to son
54.- driving me crazy
55.- do you know do you care
56.- dont let him steel your heart away
57.- dont get me started
58.- come with me
59.- colours
60.- cant turn back the years
61.- cant find my way
62.- big noise
63.- behind the lines
64.- all of my life