Letras de B Letras

10000 Maniacs - Beyond The Blue

I was thinking today if you would remember you choose to remember
what you left me out there in the cold days fading away
I see you so near I hear your voice calling
10000 Maniacs - Big Star

I saw a big star running from me, a world from a record on my bed.
Turn the tables on me, what would happen if I fell to the tune of a dreamer,
to the tune of my heart?
10000 Maniacs - Cabaret

Shards of glass cut through my gaze broken streamers hanging
at my legs drunk and giddy full of fate at the cabaret smokey stares
from the bar do stray bottles tumble I feel the misty spray what a perfect,
10000 Maniacs - Somebodys Heaven

There like a feather you fell someone's heaven above me floating
so fickle tempting me teasing my ways thrown from
its clutches I struggle to free what escapes me
10cc - Baron Samedi
I'll show you man who walk on fire
And don't get burned
Don't get burned, don't get burned
He don't get burned
10cc - Bee In My Bonnet
I got a bee in my bonnet
Got a chip on my shoulder
I got a hole in my shoe
And my toes are getting colder
10cc - Blackmail
She doesn't need money
She doesn't need diamonds
She's lookin' for pretty things
She doesn't want romance
10cc - Bluebird
Bluebird take me on your wing
Teach me how to fly
Teach me how to sing
Bluebird, guardian of my soul
10cc - Brand New Day
When you open your eyes
To a brand new morning
And the sun shines
Above you
10cc - Charity Begins At Home
a shake of the tin
the money drops in, but is it a sin
you're standing in rags
you're selling your flags
10cc - Dont Break The Promises
you know i cannot always be there with you
when something crazy takes me far away
we must stick together through this madness
i've got so many things I want to say
10cc - Dont Send We Back
We came across from Korea
We braved the wind and the rain
We came a thousand miles just to be here
And you want to send we back again