Letras de Casi Letras

Babyface - Two Occasions

A summer love is beautiful
But it's not enough
To satisfy emotions
David Bowie - An Occasional Dream

I recall how we lived
On the corner of a bed
And we'd speak of a Swedish room
Jethro Tull - Occasional Demons

Well, you got a big-jib crane waiting to pick you up.
Mmmm, you see those snakes that crawl, they're just dying
to trip you up.
Melissa Etheridge - Occasionally

I saw you with your new friends
You wear them so well
Broken shoes and loose ends
Ricky Martin - Casi Un Bolero

Suenan las campanas de mi mente
Que tristemente suenan por mi
En esta casa sin gente
Shivaree - Reseda Casino

Well they're out in the yard
Said it took them all night
Over the hillon a prayer and a pill
Wilco - Casino Queen

Well the money's pouring down and the people all look down,
And it's floating out of town
I hit the second deck and I spend my paycheck,