Letras de De Letras

10000 Maniacs - Hidden In My Heart

I see the leaves of autumn changing falling turning what was green
I see a door standing open, open to curiosity we could be together tear
it all apart would you ever notice what was hidden in my heart
10cc - Code Of Silence
Deep in the night
I can hear you calling my name
How can I try to help you woman
If you go on hiding your pain
10cc - Marriage Bureau Rendezvous

Well I've been lookin' after number one for too long
And it seemed the love was passing me by
So I thought I better do something about it
10cc - Modern Man Blues

I'm tired Lord and I'm drawn
And I'm chilled right to the bone
I crawled home from my work
10cc - The Dean And I

Hum drum days
And a hum drum ways
10cc - Wonderland

i wanna take a giant step
don't know where I'll end up yet
the devil or the deep blue sea
112 - Anywhere (interlude)

(We can make love in my bedroom)
We can make love in the bedroom
112 - Dont Go (interlude)

Don't you
112 - I Belong To U (interlude)

I belong to you
I belong to you
With you,baby
112 - Im Sorry (interlude)

Sorry is not enough
After all the things Ive done to you
So I just wanna let you know that I am more than sorry
112 - I Surrender (interlude)

(I surrender)
I surrender all to you
I surrender all to you
112 - Q Mike Slim Daron (interlude)

If you are available
If you are available