Letras de Dont Letras

10cc - Dont
If you want love to stay
Don't give all your secrets away
It's not the fashion
But hold back your passion
10cc - Dont Ask
You ask me what's it like now
I've got no woman - don't ask
You ask me how's it feel to be alone
You've got no one - don't ask
10cc - Dont Break The Promises
you know i cannot always be there with you
when something crazy takes me far away
we must stick together through this madness
i've got so many things I want to say
10cc - Dont Hang Up
Hello there
How have you been
I've called a million times
But to me you're never in
10cc - Dont Send We Back
We came across from Korea
We braved the wind and the rain
We came a thousand miles just to be here
And you want to send we back again
10cc - Dont Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
I treat you like a woman
So treat me like a man
I took you to a better place
And helped you understand
10cc - Dont Turn Me Away
You and I don't have to hurry
Take your time now don't you worry
Let me know what you're going through
There's a troubled look on your face
10cc - Johnny Dont Do It

Johnny don't do it
Johnny don't do it
Johnny don't do it
10cc - Ships Dont Disappear In The Night (do They?)

Ships don't just disappear in the night
Do they?
People don't really die of fright
10cc - Shock On The Tube (dont Want Love)

I was travelling home on the subway
When this vision got on at Maida Vale
And as I casually eyed the classifieds
112 - Dont Go (interlude)

Don't you
2gether - Say It Dont Spray It

Girl, I can't understand you
you're like reading a big fat book in hebrew
& I can tell by the way you drool