Letras de Gees Letras

Bee Gees - Deja Vu

This is my dedication
This is my dedication
Bee Gees - Embrace

I don't know what you want, I don't hear what you said
Truth behind the lies
'Cause I can't see what's in your head
Bee Gees - I Will Be There

This is the life you saved laid out before you
Everything that I think I have been and what I am now
Nothing can change the way I feel about you
Bee Gees - Just In Case

Well, it seems every night and day, I get to lose
And I always held the faith inside
That love would find a way
Bee Gees - Loose Talk Costs Lives

Loose talk costs lives
People like to play
We're basically the same
Bee Gees - Man In The Middle

You've got a plan that could never go wrong
You took advantage and the damage done
It all comes back to me baby
Bee Gees - Promise The Earth

It's not worth one night on earth
Baby I know, baby I know
I won't know whose lips you're kissing
Bee Gees - Sacred Trust

I meant to fight it to the finish but you made me forget
And though it's possible I'm dreaming, don't wake me yet
You know I love you
Bee Gees - She Keeps On Coming

Front and centre
I don't know how it happened then
I can't explain it
Bee Gees - Technicolour Dreams

Now, I've been accused of going Hollywood
Chasing some cinematic schemes
But I'll give you Panavision pictures
Bee Gees - The Extra Mile

I want to go where no one's gone before
And my faith will find the way
And I'm not afraid
Bee Gees - Voice In The Wilderness

It's another woman
Hey, it could be me, it could be anyone
Yeah, she got the energy to blind the sun