Letras de Girls Letras

10cc - Working Girls

Working girls don't stand a chance
Typing pools are full deadly fish
Office Romeos believe
702 - Where My Girls At?

[Verse One:]
See, he's my property,
And any girl that touches,
Aaron Carter - To All The Girls

Nana nanana Nana nanana
Nana nanana
Afi - Girls Not Grey

I'll lay me down tonight
Much further down
Swim in the calm tonight
American Hi-fi - The Geeks Get The Girls

Another Friday night, to get the feeling right
At the bar when he sees her coming over
What you gonna do, if she walks up to you
Andrew W.k. - Girls Own Juice

UH! UH! UH!...

People (UH!) start (UH!) killing (UH!) wherever she comes (UH!)
Andrew W.k. - Girls Own Love

People started killing wherever she goes

When she comes she's a red hot set of lips
Ani Difranco - Two Little Girls

you were fresh off the boat from virginia
i had a year in new york city under my belt
we met in a dream
Aqua - Happy Boys & Girls

Be happy...
Come on let's go get it on!
Be happy. Be happy...
Ashley Ballard - Girls Like Me

Girls like me
we just wanna be
Free to be who we need to be
Atmosphere - Suicidegirls

[Voice messages from upset girlfriends]
Hey you fucking asshole
Hi Sean, I just got finished cleaning some vomit out of my car
Bardot - Girls Do Boys Dont

Girls do, boys don't
Girls say what boys won't