Letras de Grace Letras

Ani Difranco - Amazing Grace

amazing grace
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
Atmosphere - National Disgrace

(I pledge allegiance to Budweiser and free drugs)
Peace to Rick James, Anna Nicole Smith, Bill Clinton
Bob Dylan - Saving Grace

If you find it in Your heart, can I be forgiven ?
Guess I owe You some kind of apology
I've escaped death so many times, I know I'm only living
C-block - Eternal Grace

As I look to the sky, throw my hands up and pray to Jesus to eas us
this pain is enough, believe us
Betreat us main from down on hell as you know,
Chantal Kreviazuk - Grace

Please don't go
I cannot breathe you in
Your air is too thick for me
Cranberries - Saving Grace

It could happen here today
It could happen here today
And I can't wait to see your face
David Bowie - Baby Grace (a Horrid Cassette)

Test, testing, testing
This, hmmm, Grace is my name
And and I was...um...
The Decemberists - Grace Cathedral Hill

Grace Cathedral hill
All wrapped in bones of setting sun
All dust and stone and moribund
Amazing Grace - Amazing Grace

How Sweet-
Eels - Grace Kelly Blues

The cut-rate mime walking through the dirty streets
Of paris in the hot august heat
Sun melting the fake smile away
Eternal - Amazing Grace

Amazing [x4]

Amazing grace
Eternal - Grace Under Pressure

Every time I see a child without a home of his own
Or a woman struggling to feed her family alone
Or an innocent man found guilty with nowhere to go