Letras de Hes Letras

10cc - Les Nouveaux Riches

I could see that the sun it was deadly
She's putting her hand in the fire
Her velvety skin it was cooking
10cc - Take These Chains

Baby baby oh baby
I'd love to love you
But my hands are tied
28 Days - Shes Waiting

yeah my girl she's so pretty
always waiting when I get home
she's always wants to lick me
2pac - Fake Ass Bitches

[little kid] Tell me about these fake ass bitches

Abba - Shes My Kind Of Girl

Look at her face, it's a wonderful face
And it means something special to me
Look at the way that she smiles when she sees me
Afi - Synesthesia

Heartbreak, incarnate, I'm nothing if not your memories
Heartbreak, please let me be your joy and your pain
Afi - Synesthesia (demo Version)

[Spoken Intro]: "Last night...last night, Mom fainted. I sat there watching,
I sat there waiting, and cringing. And I cried, I cried at the sound, the
sound of whispering white Angels. Oh, where only I seem innocent."
A-ha - Stay On These Roads

The cold has a voice
It talks to me
Stillborn, by choice
Alien Ant Farm - These Days

Making all these waves and I wonder where the days went.
I sit and think of you, I hope the feeling's mutual.
I'm seeing all you gave and,
Hes A Rebel - Hes A Rebel

See the way he walks down the street
Watch the way he shuffles his feet
How he holds his head up high
Outta These Clouds - Outta These Clouds

I'm driving out of control
You said something, hurt me real bad
And I'll drive till I feel better
All 4 One - Shes Got Skillz

little rump shaker she can really shake and bake
she's got skillz
watch her slippin and a slidin' working booty left to right