Letras de Mi Letras

10cc - Dont Break The Promises
you know i cannot always be there with you
when something crazy takes me far away
we must stick together through this madness
i've got so many things I want to say
10cc - Life Is A Minestrone

I'm dancing on the White House lawn
Sipping tea by the Taj Mahal at dawn
Hanging round the gardens of Babylon
10cc - Man With A Mission

There's a man at the top
And I know that he's pulling the strings
He's got his eye in the sky
10cc - Old Mister Time

He looked funny
The children called him the scarecrow
An old raincoat
10cc - Youre Coming Home Again

Baby, baby, don't you make a sound
All I'm asking of you is to understand
I can't let you go
112 - Hot & Wet (remix)

112, 112
You know how we do
112 - Missing You

Sitting here thinking about you
And all the things we used to do
I never thought that I would lose you
112 - My Mistakes

If I could erase, everyone of my mistakes
Tell me would it make you wanna come over
112 - Never Mind

[1] - Never mind that he don't love you
Never mind that he don't care
I'll give you love the way you want it
112 - Q Mike Slim Daron (interlude)

If you are available
If you are available
112 - Smile

Another night and it seems that
You made you cry yourself to sleep
Reminiscing on how it began
12 Stones - Speak Your Mind

How does it make you feel when i look away
Feelings that will never seem to fade i try to
Find you, you hold your head up high i let it all