Letras de Out Letras

10cc - Everything You Wanted To Know About!!!! (exclamation Marks)
I took my fantasy to Deborah
You know she's always been a friendly girl
You'll see her cruise the Picadilly streets
And she winks at every man she meets
10cc - Im So Laid Back Im Laid Out
The people were running
The place was on fire
The smoke was a-growing
And the flames were getting higher
112 - All Cried Out

All alone on a Sunday morning
Outside I see the rain is falling
12 Stones - Running Out Of Pain

As he raises his hand you begin to understand
That no love is worth the hate that you feel
Now you're running out of pain
28 Days - This Songs About You

this songs about you
and all the shit you put me through
this songs about the thing
2gether - Rub One Out

Girl, whenI think about you
I only thinkof one thing
2pac - Life Of An Outlaw

In the life we live as thugs,
Everbody fuckin wit us so can't you see
It's hard to be a man.
2pac - Out On Bail

[Intro: Tupac Talking]
Oh, I posted bail?
I'm out this motherfucker?
2pac - Outro

Expect me nigga, like you expect Jesus to come back
Expect me nigga
I'm coming ...
2pac - Pour Out A Little Liquor

Pour out a little liquor for your homies nigga
311 - Down South

Let me take you down south
Hear it from the dover's mouth
The rhythm will make you want to move your body
311 - Freak Out

Let the games begin if you wanna fuck with me
You can't disturb the course of P & C & T & D & me
I'm on a mission