Letras de Revenge Letras

2pac - Souljahs Revenge

[dorky sounding white guy]
Mr. Shakur, can you please explain the meaning
behind your violent lyrics?
Eminem - Hailies Revenge

Get on yo knees nigga, get on yo knees and pray
Flogging Molly - Queen Annes Revenge

You can't see the demons
Till the demons come calling for you
You're deaf to them screaming
Kmfdm - Revenge

The empty and searching streets
These gutters they warm my feet
Since your cold lips blue
South Park Mexican - Revenge

[First Verse:]
My homie called me in the morning from a hospital bed
He got holes in his body from a glock full of lead
Spooks - Sweet Revenge

So he fooled me, ooh ooh

This fools crazy foul left up but how
White Zombie - Revenge

Live to die
For a heart jam
Fight to love a