Letras de U Letras

10000 Maniacs - Beyond The Blue

I was thinking today if you would remember you choose to remember
what you left me out there in the cold days fading away
I see you so near I hear your voice calling
10000 Maniacs - In The Quiet Morning

In the quiet morning
There was much despair
And in the hours that followed
10000 Maniacs - Love Among The Ruins

The sky was falling, heaven was calling.
When danger crashes, rose from the ashes.
Like two statues hidden inside ancient rock,
10000 Maniacs - Time Turns

I saw time turn so much there to unlearn,
you were envy you wouldn't say you tore heart strings
that sorry day dark light hid the tears one for each of the years
10000 Maniacs - You Wont Find Me There
I'd like to know what makes you stay while your eyes still search for escape.
You think that I don't feel the cold, but I wait while confessions unfold.
You'll never make a living from reading minds
or from getting your direction from exit signs.
10cc - 24 Hours
Here on the street
Feeling the cool of the dawn
Shuffling feet
Faces are ragged and worn
10cc - Action Man In A Motown Suit
Let's stay a while and watch him
He's moving into action man
He's looking good but maybe
He's in the wrong direction man
10cc - Bluebird
Bluebird take me on your wing
Teach me how to fly
Teach me how to sing
Bluebird, guardian of my soul
10cc - Dont Hang Up
Hello there
How have you been
I've called a million times
But to me you're never in
10cc - Dont Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
I treat you like a woman
So treat me like a man
I took you to a better place
And helped you understand
10cc - Dont Turn Me Away
You and I don't have to hurry
Take your time now don't you worry
Let me know what you're going through
There's a troubled look on your face
10cc - Everything Is Not Enough
It doesn't help you if you scream and shout
That isn't what this thing is all about
And do you really want to fight to win
You're missing out and that's another sin