Letras de Wayne Letras

Chantal Kreviazuk - Wayne

I'll be the girl with the long blond hair
And the really pale skin, if you care
I sit in the corner of the room
Fountains Of Wayne - A Fine Day For A Parade

Mrs. Carver says she's sorry
She knows enough not to worry
But what does she know about crime?
Fountains Of Wayne - All Kinds Of Time

The clock's running down
The team's losing ground
To the opposing defense
Fountains Of Wayne - Amity Gardens

Angel broke her wing
Oh, you poor thing
The hum of the motor gave way to
Fountains Of Wayne - Baby Ive Changed

She used to love me
She don't love me no more
I stepped over the line
Fountains Of Wayne - ...baby One More Time

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here
Oh baby baby, I shouldn't have let you go
Fountains Of Wayne - Barbara H.

For a small girl Barbara sure has got a big crush
The kind that makes you want to break stuff
And blame it on a man you don't know
Fountains Of Wayne - Bought For A Song

Come on, now get your ass out of bed
You heard what the man said
The crew is already gone
Fountains Of Wayne - California Sex Lawyer

I'm going coast to coast
I'm going nation-wide
I've got my hand on the trigger
Fountains Of Wayne - Cant Get It Out Of My Head

Midnight, on the water
I saw the ocean's daughter
Walking on a wave she came
Fountains Of Wayne - Chanukah Under The Stars

Chanukah under the stars
Gunna jump into the car
And have a swingin' Chanukah
Fountains Of Wayne - Comedienne

In for the weekend
Out for the night
She gets caught in the curtain