Letras de alan y willy Letras

Alan Jackson - Buicks To The Moon

How long will I love you
I don't really know
I'd like to think forever
Alan Jackson - Burnin The Honky Tonks Down

She's burnin' the honky tonks down
Burnin' the honky tonks down
Smoke's been rising all over town
Alan Jackson - Drive (for Daddy Gene)

It was painted red the stripe was white
It was eighteen feet from the bow to the stern light
Secondhand from a dealer in Atlanta
Alan Jackson - Everything I Love

Coffee keeps me up and I can't sleep
And when I drink too much then I can't eat
Losing you has led me to believe
Alan Jackson - Gone Crazy

Here I am all alone again tonight
In this old empty house
It's hard to learn what you don't think you need
Alan Jackson - Hole In The Wall

There's a hole in the wall
Where a nail used to be
A nail that held a picture of
Alan Jackson - If French Fries Were Fat Free

Will I need a miss of my life
Each time I went left, I should've gone right
And love's no exception to this rule
Alan Jackson - If Love Was A River

If love was a river
And I was a drowning man
Would you get in the water
Alan Jackson - Ill Go On Loving You

When I look into your soft green eyes
When I see your delicate body
Revealed to me as you slip off your dress
Alan Jackson - It Must Be Love

First I get cold and hot
Think I'm on fire, but I'm not.
Oh, what a pain I've got,
Alan Jackson - Its Five O Clock Somewhere

The sun is hot and that old clock is movin' slow,
An' so am I.
Work day passes like molasses in wintertime,
Alan Jackson - Job Description

Well i know sometimes you find it hard
To understand just what we do out here
Well that bus rolls up at home