Letras de alexz johnson Letras

Alexz Johnson - 24 Hours

I've been sitting in the dirt (for 24 hours)
I've forgotten what im worth (for 24 hours)
Said that you'd be here last night
Alexz Johnson - Criminal

I won't deny, I faked it
Don't wanna lie, I'm jadded
I wanna scream when inside I'm breaking down
Alexz Johnson - Im In Love With My Guitar

I've been trying too hard
I've been spinning around
Got people chasing me down
Alexz Johnson - It Could Be You

You and me, all alone
It's to late to say we didn't know
We shouldn't be, all alone
Alexz Johnson - Let Me Fall

I feel chained, chained down
You shoved me to the ground
I can't run, I can't shout
Alexz Johnson - Me Out Of Me

Why you always trying to make me something that I don't wanna be?
Ooo, push me over, make me over, try to make a joke out of me
There's something you should know
Alexz Johnson - Pick Up The Pieces

If I was a drift on an ocean all alone
You came and rescued me
When I was far from home
Alexz Johnson - Stupid Girl

You pretend you're high
You pretend you're bored
You pretend you're anything
Alexz Johnson - Temporary Insanity

Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da
Alexz Johnson - Your Eyes

If I was drowning in the sea
Would you dive right in and save me?
If I was falling like a star
Jack Johnson - Cocoon

Well based on your smile
I'm betting all of this
Might be over soon
Jack Johnson - Cookie Jar

I would turn on the TV but it's so embarrasing
To see all the other people I don't know that they mean
It was magic at first when they spoke without sound