Letras de con Letras

10cc - Age Of Consent
I want to meet you at that restaurant
The one you love it's got a pretty front
What a front
The girls are holding hands
10cc - The Second Sitting For The Last Supper

Another fish head in the dustbin
Another loser in the queue for the soup kitchen
Another reason for a visit
2pac - Introbomb First (my Second Reply)

Suge Shot Me
[church bells ring in background]
In today's music news: the ever controversial Tupac Shakur has
2pac - Unconditional Love

(What y'all want?)
Unconditional Love (no doubt)
Talking bout the stuff that don't wear off
2 Unlimited - Contrast

[ANITA:] There's no limitation to what this beat can do
You better get the feeling before the night is through
30 Seconds To Mars - 93 Million Miles

Where does your garden grow?
Tell me the secrets that you know
Another time, another place
30 Seconds To Mars - Buddha For Mary

A simple fear to wash you away
An open mind canceled it today
A silent song that's in your words
30 Seconds To Mars - Echelon

Look at the red red changes in the sky
Look at the separation in the border line
But don't look at everything here inside
30 Seconds To Mars - Edge Of The Earth

You know enough to know the way
Six billion people just one name (I found)
I found tomorrow in today
30 Seconds To Mars - End Of The Beginning

Here we are searching for a sign
Here we are searching for a sign
It's the end here today
30 Seconds To Mars - Fallen

Yeah, I've been to Jupiter
And I've fallen through the air
I used to live out on the moon