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Daniel Bedingfield - A Kiss Without Commitment

[Bonus Track]

A kiss without commitment's
Daniel Bedingfield - All The Little Children

Walking down the same worn paths again
Do you fly?
Do you?
Daniel Bedingfield - All Your Attention

Don't want you looking at the stars tonight
I just want your eyes on me
I wanna be the only thing on your mind
Daniel Bedingfield - Blown It Again

Ive done it Ive blown it again
Gone and lost my one true friend
If I cant stop it its gonna end
Daniel Bedingfield - Complicated

How long can you hold out against me
How long can you resist to kiss me
Cause you know you want to
Daniel Bedingfield - Dont Giver It All

You can play it hard
You can play it fast
You can play it slow so that it'll last
Daniel Bedingfield - Draw You

[Bonus Track]

I see the spirit moving
Daniel Bedingfield - Friday

I live in an Ice house a
I never do dance salsa
I'm living in Jamaca
Daniel Bedingfield - Girlfriend

You make my head start spinning around
And all I can ever hear is the sound
Daniel Bedingfield - Growing Up

No-one told me
Growing up
Would be this hard, baby
Daniel Bedingfield - He Dont Love You Like I Love You

He don't love you like I love you
Don't think about you like I think about you
He don't want to have your children
Daniel Bedingfield - Holiness

Holiness covers my weaknesses
Melting my selfishness
Cause of you