Letras de foreigner Letras

Foreigner - All I Need To Know

So I walk another mile down this crooked road
Clouds rolling in Lord it's getting cold
Feeling fine, feel lost, feeling blue tonight
Foreigner - A Love In Vain

Long night, too long and lonely
Laying there asking myself
Hey, what's going on with you and me
Foreigner - A Night To Remember

I can't sleep tonight
I won't sleep tomorrow
I'm goin deep and tight
Foreigner - At War With The World

Never had no need
For any military aid
And I never took charge of the light brigade
Foreigner - Back Where You Belong

I felt so sure of the love that we shared
There was no reason on earth to be scared
Then I heard a rumor, it started to grow
Foreigner - Blinded By Science

Blinded by science, I'm on the run
Blinded by science, where do I belong?
What's in the future, has it just begun
Foreigner - Break It Up

Made myself a prisoner
I locked myself away
Can't remember the last time
Foreigner - Cant Wait

I've been on this road a long time
I've been travellin' for days
But it seems I'm getting nowhere
Foreigner - Counting Every Minute

Gonna break these chains
Gonna set myself free
Gonna turn on the mains
Foreigner - Crash And Burn

I always thought we were in control
But our lives could never be what they were before
There's a rhythm in our love
Foreigner - Dont Let Go

Another long day, another long night
I try to make it home before it gets light
I'm working hard so some day we can play
Foreigner - Do What You Like

Don't tell me what you can't do
Never had a hold on you
And don't tell me where you'd rather be