Letras de nelson ned Letras

Hawk Nelson - 36 Days

Gone away far from home, the weekend's over
Let's pack up and start again
Twenty days on the road, just left Port Dover
Hawk Nelson - Every Little Thing

I saw her yesterday
And I never felt a feeling like the one I felt today
And now she's taking over me
Hawk Nelson - First Time

Stepping over two steps closer
I sit around wasting time, feel like the poster for a
Self-help line
Hawk Nelson - Late Show

You get my so simply
But my heart won't let me
Hawk Nelson - Like A Racecar

Broken words said to me
These broken mirrors make it hard to see
Does anyone feel the same?
Hawk Nelson - Long And Lonely Road

I took a walk down a country road
I know this might sound dumb maybe
But I was all alone
Hawk Nelson - Right Here

Every time I see you I can see right through you
Knowing I could never change your mind
I look into your eyes for the last time
Hawk Nelson - Someone Else Before

The phone starts ringing again I think it's my girlfriend
This time I know this it's finally over
She keeps bringing me down, will this all turn around
Limp Bizkit - Full Nelson

why is everybody always pickin' on me?
does anybody really know a thing about me?
but one of these days we'll be in the same place in the same place punk,