Letras de sean kingston Letras

Jay Sean - Come With Me

When I wake up in the morning I see
Everybody's looking at me
Whispering and talking, pointin fingers at me
Jay Sean - Dont Rush

It's been a while since the last time that I saw you girl
Why is it that you just run away
What is it that you don't wanna say
Jay Sean - Eyes On You

You can tell your girlfriends about me
It's about time to get rowdy
You know I wanna work that body
Jay Sean - Holding On

How'd I let it get this far
What was going through my mind
Why'd you seem to have it all
Jay Sean - I Believe In You

Theres a place
You can run away and hide
Jay Sean - Mans World (ramta Jogi)

Well here's a story of a different kinda love
With the views of a man
Who's confused and had enough
Jay Sean - Me Against Myself

Jay Sean vs Jay Sean
Me against myself
and there aint no chorus
Jay Sean - Meri Jaan

Tu hi tu hai meri jaan
Tu hi tu hai meri jaan
Jay Sean - One Minute

Baby girl I want you to just listen for a while
Put your arguments on hold so you can try to hear me out
Coz everytime we try to talk it out, you just deny
Jay Sean - On & On

Thinking bout all of those days I left behind
Nowadays it seems I'm watching life just pass me by
The world is spinning beneath my feet at an unforgiving pace
Jay Sean - Stolen

Churaliya he (Stolen) [x10]

You were my eyes when i couldn't see,
Jay Sean - Who Is Kamaljit?

Ahh Mrs Jooti im pleased to tell you that you have given birth to a healthy baby boy.What are
you going to call him?