Letras de the man you love il divo Letras

Il Divo - The Man You Love

Si me ves hallars en mis ojos el amor
eres t la mitad que a mi vida complet
Lo que soy te dar sin miedo a algun error
10000 Maniacs - Love Among The Ruins

The sky was falling, heaven was calling.
When danger crashes, rose from the ashes.
Like two statues hidden inside ancient rock,
10cc - Feel The Love (oomachasaooma)
I saw you so pretty
Your face lit up the city
Two worlds came together
The memory stays for evermore
10cc - Im Not In Love (rework Of Art)
I'm not in love
So don't forget it
It's just a silly phase I'm going through
And just because
10cc - Lost In Love

A far bit beyond this place
All the stars have been cast
You may try to resist the pace
10cc - People In Love

People in love do funny things
Walk under buses and burn their wings
People like us do nothing right
10cc - Shock On The Tube (dont Want Love)

I was travelling home on the subway
When this vision got on at Maida Vale
And as I casually eyed the classifieds
10cc - Silly Love

Hey toots, you put the life into living
You brought a sigh into sight
Ah hon, you make my legs turn to water
10cc - The Film Of My Love

Co-starring you
And co-starring me
Starring us both together
10cc - The Power Of Love

Momma don't mind, cause your momma don't know
But if your poppa finds out that we're all alone
He's gonna change your mind and rearrange my bones
10cc - Woman In Love

i don't know why it's the way of the world
but meanwhile....
112 - All My Love

When I look into your eyes I see you're lonely
Won't you come with me
I wanna know from you