Letras de En Letras

10000 Maniacs - All That Never Happens
She walks alone on the brick lane, the breeze is blowing.
A year had changed her forever, just like her grey home.
He used to live so close here, we'd look for places I can't remember.
The world was safe when she knew him, she tried to hold him, hold on forever.
10000 Maniacs - Ellen

Eager to please was just the way
that he was though his attempts there falling short,
expectation see he would tell of all his conquests, was he bragging?
10000 Maniacs - Even With My Eyes Closed

Funny how I know it's harder, it's harder now.
Young girl in my young girl days, thinking I could live for always.
But like an ocean tide, I'm drawn back inside and I know.
10000 Maniacs - Green Children

An August day in the hills of Spain, a pair of children emerged from a cave.
The strangest sight there alone they stood,
with skin of green and words no one had heard.
10000 Maniacs - Hidden In My Heart

I see the leaves of autumn changing falling turning what was green
I see a door standing open, open to curiosity we could be together tear
it all apart would you ever notice what was hidden in my heart
10000 Maniacs - Somebodys Heaven

There like a feather you fell someone's heaven above me floating
so fickle tempting me teasing my ways thrown from
its clutches I struggle to free what escapes me
10cc - Age Of Consent
I want to meet you at that restaurant
The one you love it's got a pretty front
What a front
The girls are holding hands
10cc - Code Of Silence
Deep in the night
I can hear you calling my name
How can I try to help you woman
If you go on hiding your pain
10cc - Dont Send We Back
We came across from Korea
We braved the wind and the rain
We came a thousand miles just to be here
And you want to send we back again
10cc - Everything Is Not Enough
It doesn't help you if you scream and shout
That isn't what this thing is all about
And do you really want to fight to win
You're missing out and that's another sin
10cc - Feel The Benefit

You went out on the street without your shoes on
You didn't listen what your momma said
10cc - Green Eyed Monster
who's that creeping out of my back door
don't say he's collecting for the poor
don't you tell me you're not having fun
the green eyed monster's got me on the run