Letras de Shadows Letras

12 Stones - Shadows

Look around and tell me what you see, a place
Surrounded by the hate that hides in the
Shadows inside of you, inside of me, what can we
Billy Talent - Living In The Shadows

Constant quick fixes, don't make no sense
Hop on bandwagons, you make me sick
Chris Isaak - Shadows In A Mirror

I'm watching somebody's heart break in two.
And wondering if somewhere your crying to.
Shadows in a mirror tell me that I'm wrong.
Duran Duran - Shadows On Your Side

Shackled and raised for a shining crowd
They want you to speak but the music is louder than
All of their roar with the heat of the planet's core-but
Ivy - In The Shadows

The first time
I knew that I had you.
The last time I caught you,
Moody Blues - Shadows On The Wall

When the fantasy we live in
Lies in pieces on the ground
And there is no false illusion
Rufus Wainwright - Shadows

Who will keep
Keep me in this evening
Even though
Sarah Mclachlan - Out Of The Shadows

Crouching down inside a deep ravine
Those angry cries pass quickly by, he can't be seen
So many ways spent hiding in so many undone plans
Sting - Shadows In The Rain

I woke up in my clothes again this morning
I don't know exactly where I am
And I should heed my doctor's warning
Tea Party - Shadows On The Mountainside

we are spirits passing through the doors of time
with an invitation heard before we find
shadows on the mountainside
Teenage Fanclub - The Shadows

There was a shadow over you
You said you couldn't see it through
And there were demons in your head
U2 - Shadows And Tall Trees

Back to the cold restless streets at night
I talk to myself about tomorrow night.
Walls of white protest, a gravestone in name